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About Spike Energy

Spike Energy provides electricity and natural gas procurement services for commercial and residential customers. We are your one stop solution for all of your electricity and natural gas needs. Over the last decade we have saved businesses millions of dollars in energy costs through the innovative products that we offer at our company.

Spike Energy Inc. is an energy broker and aggregator licensed by the Public Utility Commission whose primary purpose is to facilitate electricity deregulation in the commercial and industrial sectors. We seamlessly take care of all aspects of energy management for our clients, so they can focus on the bigger picture.

Our primary purpose is to facilitate electricity deregulation in the commercial and industrial sectors. To achieve this goal, Spike as an organization has been built on three fundamental principles:

1. To save our clients money (Typically 10 to 15% or more off of their electricity bills)

2. To provide our clients with the best customer service and complete satisfaction.

3. To educate our clients and enable them to effectively manage their electricity portfolios.

Over the years, Spike Energy Inc. has built a sizable client portfolio and a reputation for procuring electricity at discounted prices. Our clients are spread all throughout the country and include hotels, churches, convenience stores, office buildings and manufacturing facilities. With the constantly evolving energy generation markets, now is the best opportunity to learn more about how Spike Energy Inc. can help you cut electricity costs and effectively manage your electricity bills.

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Who We Are

Spike Energy Inc. is a broker and aggregator based in Houston, Texas.

We have been active in the Texas Energy Market since 2005 and since that time we have saved our clients a ton of money on their energy costs. You can typically save anywhere between 10-15% by choosing Spike energy.

We have been a leader in the energy generation markets since 2007.

Why Choose Spike Energy


We at Spike Energy Inc. have spent years working hand-in-hand with our clients guiding them through some of the most volatile periods in the history of Texas's energy markets.


Most of our clients experience immediate savings of 10-15% when Spike Energy assists them with their electricity or natural gas procurement needs


Together through simplicity and savings we have strived to make Spike Energy Inc. into a company that provides clients total satisfaction. We at Spike Energy are proud of the fact that most of our new business comes through referrals from our existing customers.

What we do for our clients

One of our clients contacted us for assistance in negotiating electricity prices for a new truck stop that he was building in Dallas, Texas. Spike Energy Inc. successfully negotiated a competitive electricity price for him, and had his paperwork ready for him to sign the same day.

While working with his location, Spike realized that the client was missing a required occupancy permit from the city of Dallas without which he would be unable to have lights turned on at his new facility. Upon realizing this, Spike Energy Inc. not only called the client and informed him of this requirement, but we went the extra mile and researched the address of the permit office in Dallas, how much it would cost him to obtain a permit, and what documents he would need to bring along with him before he arrived at the office.

The next day, we called the client and followed up to see if he had been able to get the permit. He told us that he had forgotten to bring the charter number and charter date for the newly formed corporation, and was now getting ready to drive 50 miles back to his office to get that information. To the client's relief, we informed him that Spike consultants are trained at obtaining corporation charter information directly from the internet. Within 5 minutes we gave him the information that he needed and by doing so saved him tons of time.

The next day the satisfied client called us back and thanked us tremendously for our assistance. We at Spike were just happy that we could help.

This is just another reason why Spike Energy Inc. is more than just an energy consultant—it is a partner resource that works with its clients to ensure that they get the best value as well as the best customer service available in the electricity industry today.

Give us a call today and learn more about what Spike Energy Inc. can do for your business.