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What We do

The onset of electricity deregulation has brought with it many challenges as well as cost saving opportunities for business owners. With smart energy management policies and a better understanding of the market place business owners can save thousands of dollars in electricity costs over a short period of time.

Spike Energy Inc. is an energy broker and aggregator licensed by the Public Utility Commission whose primary purpose is to facilitate electricity deregulation in the commercial and industrial sectors. We seamlessly take care of all aspects of energy management for our clients, so they can focus on the bigger picture.

Engineering Services

Spike Energy provides a wide array of engineering services. Contact us for specific needs.

Fixed rate Products

Lock in a guaranteed electricity or natural gas rate for a specified time period. This product provides clients budget certainty and offers protection from price volatility in the energy markets.

Index based Products

This product ties in the price charged for electricity or natural gas to a market index. Index based products are suitable for businesses that are capitalized sufficiently and able to withstand unexpectedly large swings in energy prices.

Heat rate Products

These products tie in the price charged for electricity to the price of natural gas. This type of product is typically suitable for large energy users who are sufficiently capitalized and able to withstand unexpectedly large swings in energy prices.

Custom Products

Spike Energy can create a unique energy solution for your business utilizing information such as historical electricity usage, load factor, and structural and operational requirements of your qualifying facilities.

Spike Energy Works


We at Spike Energy Inc. have spent years working hand-in-hand with our clients guiding them through some of the most volatile periods in the history of Texas's energy markets. Through this time period we have consistently educated our clients about the complexities of the energy markets and made it our mission to make our clients' lives simple. At Spike Energy Inc. we talk about commodities such as oil and natural gas every single day, which are all important to running successful businesses. However, we have come to realize that there is another commodity that is vital to a business's success that often gets overlooked--time. Time is one commodity that we can never replace. That is why all our documents state everything in plain language that clients can understand and our processes are designed to be efficient and precise.


The services Spike Energy provides end up saving our clients money. Most of our clients experience immediate savings of 10-15% when Spike Energy assists them with their electricity or natural gas procurement needs. Now when you consider the amount of electricity that an average business utilizes, that can easily rack up to a few thousand dollars in any given year.


Together through simplicity and savings we have strived to make Spike Energy Inc. into a company that provides clients total satisfaction. We at Spike Energy are proud of the fact that most of our new business comes through referrals from our existing customers. This only serves as a testament to the generosity of our wonderful clientele and lets us know that we are on the right track. Of course, we do not take anything for granted here at Spike Energy. That is why we continue to find ways to make the customer service experience even better for our clients.


What is Deregulation and what does it mean for me?

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Texas PUC Industry News

In an ever-changing industry, Spike Energy keeps up to date with all regulatory changes so we can provide our clients with the lowest rates possible. Take a look below at some of the latest reports from the Texas Public Utility Commission.

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This scope of competition in Electric Markets Report Examines the status of competition in retail and wholesale electric markets...

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Texas Energy Assurance Plan

This Energy Assurance Plan is designed to serve as a compilation of data on energy emergencies, supply distributions...

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2015 Interest Rates

Texas electric customers who are over billed will be paid 0.12 percent interest in 2015 under rates established...

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Texas PUC News Releases

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